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Ree Fashion is a Danish fashion app that came into the Polish market in 2020. The main objective of its founders was to create a place where a vision of sustainable fashion could thrive. Particularly, in terms of reducing the amount of waste generated by the clothing industry, but also increasing social awareness about the whole matter.

About the app

Ree Fashion fulfills the need of living in accordance with less waste and no waste principles. It is an excellent option for those who are eager to take care of the environment and purchase original clothing at bargain prices. The app focuses on responsible fashion by enabling users to buy, sell, and exchange secondhand clothes and accessories. It provides many useful features that facilitate the selling process, such as easy search options, extensive filtering, wish lists as well as the ability to communicate with other users. Thanks to the expansion of the app and the implementation of new functionalities proposed by us, Ree Fashion has become one of the most popular clothes exchanging platforms. The app is being continually developed and improved to best meet the needs and expectations of its users.


The main reason behind our cooperation was the need to improve and expand already existing application. Since the previous version of the app was available only as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), many functionalities were not working satisfactorily and contained numerous bugs. Only after conducting our tests, we could identify basic difficulties.


We began with a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements and the improvement of the code itself. As part of our work, we enhanced the application in five areas: functionality, usability, reliability, performance, and supportability. We addressed issues such as faulty form field validation, code errors, and account creation problems. Further efforts involved expanding the application to include features like displaying a product list, making purchases, and integrating it with an online payment system. Then, the app was integrated with Luxclusif platform what enabled to introduce a wider range of products available for sale. Additionally, we prepared a landing page and a blog – both undoubtedly boosted the reach of the Refashion application itself. Through constant monitoring and proposing new solutions, we regularly update and improve the functionality of the platform now. Since any issues are promptly identified and resolved, we are ensured that the operation of the system is uninterrupted and stable.


We have been working and still are working with React Native and PHP Laravel. While developing the Ree Fashion mobile application for Android and iOS systems, we relied on React Native technology. As a result, the mobile application development process was optimized, which in turn allowed us to shorten project implementation time and minimize costs: one codebase for multiple platforms. In addition to React Native, we also used PHP Laravel which improved the application’s performance; enabled easy content management and facilitated the quick processing of data related to products and orders. Furthermore, PHP Laravel allowed us to implement new functionalities, namely: user authentication, online payments, and order shipment. Such technology solution has greatly enhanced the usability of the application making it more appealing to customers.



PHP is a scripting programming language that runs on the server side and is most often embedded in HTML code.


React Native

It is a framework initially created for Facebook, currently enabling developers to create cross-platform applications.

Iza Kania

We are genuinely pleased with our cooperation with Codema. Their experience in the field of IT solutions is invaluable for our Ree Fashion application. Thanks to close collaboration we succeeded in implementing many new functionalities which in turn contributed to even greater satisfaction of our users.

Claus Winter
CEO Ree Fashion



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