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What is QA?

Quality assurances (QA), is a set of activities aimed at ensuring and managing the highest product quality through scheduled and systematic actions. QA methods are focused on preventing software defects. The purpose of applying QA during the control of ongoing projects is to ensure that the used approaches, tools, techniques and processes are properly selected and followed. All activities related to QC are primarily aimed at monitoring and verifying subsequent stages of the product development process in terms of meeting defined quality standards. It is worth noting that all team members, not only testers, take responsibility for QA.

What does the testing consist of?

Software testing is an integral part of the process of creating dedicated IT solutions. Its purpose is to verify the correct operation of the software and, above all, to verify whether the software’s performance leads to the achievement of the expected outcomes. Testing yields better results if it is performed on many levels, throughout the whole process of software development.

There are many definitions and methods of software testing. Each type and level of software diagnosis can be treated as a separate testing sector. Proper methods are selected and applied depending on many different factors, such as project requirements, resources, time, usability, project structure, and, most importantly, budget.

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