What is Kubernetes

Kubernetes, often referred to as “k8s,” is an open source system for automating the deployment, scaling and management of application containers. It was originally designed by Google and is now managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Main features

  • Kubernetes cluster: It consists of one or more nodes (nodes), which can be virtual or physical machines. These nodes are managed by a master node, which is responsible for orchestrating the entire cluster.
  • Pod: The smallest entity that can be created and managed in Kubernetes. A pod can contain one or more containers that share resources, such as network and memory. Pods are ephemeral, meaning they are created and removed to maintain the state of the application as expected.
  • Replication Controller: Ensures that a specified number of replica Pods are continuously running in the cluster. If a Pod fails, the controller automatically replaces it with a new one.
  • Service: Defines how to access Pods that perform specific tasks, such as the frontend or backend server. With services, communication between different parts of the application is facilitated because they provide a fixed IP address and name that doesn’t change even in case of failure.
  • Namespace: Kubernetes allows cluster resources to be shared among multiple users through the use of namespaces. This isolates groups of resources within the same cluster.
  • Data Storage (Volumes): Kubernetes allows Pods to access data storage systems, which can be local, like a hard drive on a node, or remote, like cloud services.
  • Autoscaling: Kubernetes can automatically scale applications up or down depending on load, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  • Configuration and secret management: Kubernetes allows you to manage the configuration and secrets of your applications without the need to place them in containers, increasing the security and flexibility of your applications.

Kubernetes also offers a rich ecosystem of tools and extensions that enable integrated log management, monitoring, networking and security. This makes it a comprehensive solution for managing containers in a variety of infrastructure environments.




Our client was a company with a modern and one of the largest internet platforms designed mainly for gaming enthusiasts.

image is a Hungarian online accommodation booking service that offers a wide range of lodging options in various locations

image is a leading portal in Poland specializing in offering accommodation across the entire country.



TEC 2000 is an online store specializing in fuel additives, offering products for cleaning and protecting engines.



A web platform for online creators to post videos.


CRM system

CRM system for managing cooperation between companies.



Internal CRM for company management.


E-Commerce - React Native apps

Applications for ordering food with delivery and an application for booking tables in restaurants - along with a restaurant room configurator


Medical facility management software

A system dedicated to medical facilities enabling, among others: patient management, appointment calendar and video consultations.


Online Psychological Clinic

System that allows for full-fledged service to thousands of recipients of these services - both in online and video chat.


Ree Fashion

A fashion mobile app created with passion, skills, and environmental awareness.



Anybee is a platform for booking office space and coworking spaces around the world.



An international express money transfer platform. We provide services required to maintain, monitor and develop new functions.

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