What is MySQL

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) based on SQL (Structured Query Language). It is open-source software that allows for the creation, management, and manipulation of databases. MySQL is widely used in web applications and serves as a key component in popular content management systems and other applications that require data storage.

MySQL consists of a database server that manages data operations and various client tools for managing and manipulating this data. It supports the ACID standard (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability), ensuring transaction reliability. The system implements various indexing mechanisms, including B-trees, which allow for quick data searching and sorting. MySQL also allows the use of different types of data storage engines, such as InnoDB, which provides full transaction support, and MyISAM, optimized for fast data reading.

What does it offer

MySQL offers support for replication (both asynchronous and semi-synchronous), which facilitates the distribution of data across multiple servers, enhancing system availability and scalability. It also supports table partitioning, which helps manage large datasets and optimizes query performance.

Regarding security, MySQL provides a wide range of features, such as data encryption both at rest and in transit, user-level access control, and auditing capabilities, allowing for the monitoring and analysis of database activities.




Our client was a company with a modern and one of the largest internet platforms designed mainly for gaming enthusiasts.

image is a Hungarian online accommodation booking service that offers a wide range of lodging options in various locations

image is a leading portal in Poland specializing in offering accommodation across the entire country.



TEC 2000 is an online store specializing in fuel additives, offering products for cleaning and protecting engines.



A web platform for online creators to post videos.


CRM system

CRM system for managing cooperation between companies.



Internal CRM for company management.


E-Commerce - React Native apps

Applications for ordering food with delivery and an application for booking tables in restaurants - along with a restaurant room configurator


Medical facility management software

A system dedicated to medical facilities enabling, among others: patient management, appointment calendar and video consultations.


Online Psychological Clinic

System that allows for full-fledged service to thousands of recipients of these services - both in online and video chat.


Ree Fashion

A fashion mobile app created with passion, skills, and environmental awareness.



Anybee is a platform for booking office space and coworking spaces around the world.



An international express money transfer platform. We provide services required to maintain, monitor and develop new functions.

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