React Native

What is React Native

React Native is a framework initially created for Facebook, now enabling JavaScript developers to produce cross-platform applications. It uses a set of internal APIs to create it, using ready-made Android and iOS interface elements instead of creating your own. Thanks to this solution, applications work equally well on both platforms, while maintaining the original, native look & feel of their systems. Using JavaScript and its huge database of tools (unavailable in other technologies), we can create user-friendly and extremely efficient applications.


  • existence of one code for multiple platforms, while supporting iOS and Android versions of the application.
  • saving time and money – we only need one team of developers based on a stable framework – React.
  • makes it easier to share code with web applications (written in React), enabling the reuse of up to several dozen percent of the code.
  • support resulting from the possibility of using the so-called hot reloading, which allows the developer to test changes and any corrections in a much faster and easier way than in traditional single-platform applications.
  • numerous and frequent updates of the React Native software provide access to the latest and more tailored solutions on the market. Both of these factors contribute to faster development, i.e. more intensive and effective design of the best solutions.


The ideal situation to start with React Native technology is the need to create a simple application, with time constraints.

An additional advantage over cross-platform solutions is that an application written in this technology is native to a given system. There are no graphic overlay solutions or running a website in an application, and using native components as used in React Native gives a performance advantage.

Additionally, with the solutions of the React Native community and hobbyists, who create new and more perfect solutions to some programming concepts, we can use several interesting graphic libraries that allow us to create unimaginably interesting and effective animations.

React Native variants

Expo is a set of tools that streamlines work with React Native and makes it even easier to create native applications. It is an open source platform that allows you to create universal native applications for Android, iOS and the web using JavaScript and React. Expo takes care of the difficult steps of creating any app, so there’s no need to use Xcode or Android Studio to deliver your app to users. You can make adjustments and users will see them immediately without having to download the app again.




Our client was a company with a modern and one of the largest internet platforms designed mainly for gaming enthusiasts.

image is a Hungarian online accommodation booking service that offers a wide range of lodging options in various locations

image is a leading portal in Poland specializing in offering accommodation across the entire country.



TEC 2000 is an online store specializing in fuel additives, offering products for cleaning and protecting engines.



A web platform for online creators to post videos.


CRM system

CRM system for managing cooperation between companies.



Internal CRM for company management.


E-Commerce - React Native apps

Applications for ordering food with delivery and an application for booking tables in restaurants - along with a restaurant room configurator


Medical facility management software

A system dedicated to medical facilities enabling, among others: patient management, appointment calendar and video consultations.


Online Psychological Clinic

System that allows for full-fledged service to thousands of recipients of these services - both in online and video chat.

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