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What are What are

Mobile applications?


Mobile applications are currently one of the most dynamically developing software categories. They are designed for the use and extension of the basic functions of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Most popular platforms for which they are currently made are Android and iOS (note that they have to be written for each platform separately, in different languages). These applications enable users to perform many different actions, such as online shopping, bank transfers with access to a bank account, using webmail or reading e-books. To use them, it is necessary to install the software downloaded from an online shop on your device.

Advantages of Advantages of
mobile applications

for business

  • optimising company and employee management processes;

  • reaching more customers;

  • expanding your offer and increasing its attractiveness;

  • enhancing credibility and awareness of the brand;

  • enabling efficient and effective communication both within the company and with customers;

  • streamlining the company`s activities in the area of organisation, sales, customer service and accounting
Advantages of Advantages of
mobile applications

for users

  • convenience and ease of use;

  • quick operation and access to content;

  • facilitation and improvement of communication;

  • personalisation i.e. the ability to modify preferences and settings;
Technology used Technology used
to develop

mobile applications

From the creators' point of view, a mobile application should facilitate the achievement of the business goal set by the client and bring profits. From the users' point of view - it has to be simple and comfortable to use. Meeting all expectations depends heavily on the technology used to create the application.

Many technologies available on the market can be used to develop mobile applications. Usually, the choice of appropriate technology for a given project depends on several key factors such as the platform for which the application is intended to be used, expectations regarding its appearance, requirements regarding access to specific functions, and - above all - the assumed budget.

Our specialists design and create mobile applications for the most popular Android and iOS platforms, constantly improving their competencies utilising React Native technology. We offer full support and a professional approach to the project.

Our specialists design and create mobile applications for the most popular Android and iOS platforms, constantly improving their competencies utilising React Native technology. We offer full support and a professional approach to the project.

Cross-platform programming, preferred by us, enables creating applications for Android and iOS platforms simultaneously, i.e. one project allowing publication on both platforms. The main advantages of such a solution are saving time and money spent on the project. Quicker and efficient development allows releasing the application on the market in a shorter time, which, in turn, allows focusing on reaching a wide range of users.

React Native is a framework created to enable JavaScript developers to produce the aforementioned cross-platform applications. It employs a set of internal APIs to create it, with ready-made interface elements of the Android and iOS systems instead of creating its own. This way, applications work equally well on both platforms while maintaining the original, native look & feel of their systems.

Through the use of JavaScript and its huge tool base (unavailable in other technologies), we can create applications that are both user-friendly and extremely efficient.

However, creating iOS and Android applications using the same code is not the only advantage of our preferred solution. The specificity of React Native facilitates code sharing with web applications (written in React), allowing to reuse of even several dozen per cent of code.

Yet another advantage is the support resulting from the possibility of using the so-called hot reloading, which allows, in a much faster and easier way than in traditional single-platform applications, testing of changes and any corrections by the developer. Abundant and frequent updates to the React Native software pave the way for access to the latest and more customised solutions on the market. Both factors contribute to faster development, in other words, more intensive and efficient design of the finest solutions.

React Native is utilised by brands such as Facebook (its creator), Instagram, Skype or KFC.

If you are searching for a mobile application developer, or require support from React Native developers - contact us! Bearing in mind your needs and expectations, using our knowledge and experience, we will present you with an offer suitable for the intended tasks. We guarantee reliability and transparency of cooperation.
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