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By definition, outsourcing is the possibility to make use of services and resources of external companies to increase the business value and efficiency of conducted operations. In the era of rapidly developing technology, in which the efficient functioning of companies is to a large extent based on their computerisation - outsourcing of IT services are gaining more and more popularity.

It became necessary to team up with an experienced and competent technology partner. Handing over the IT infrastructure to specialists provides a guarantee of the highest efficiency and availability of all systems and applications required for a given project.

IT outsourcing serves first and foremost to reduce costs associated with personnel services, facilitates the optimisation of the organisational structure and allows the contracting company to focus entirely on core areas of its business. What exactly this solution involves, and is it worth using?


Outsourcing of IT specialists in a nutshell is a service of renting competent employees to external companies. It is a temporary arrangement to provide specialists with appropriate competencies and experience for the needs of a particular project. Such a solution makes it possible to utilise the knowledge and expertise of specialists in a given area and at a given time, without the need to employ them.

We divide the outsourcing into two types: body leasing (refers to delegating one specialist to an external project) and team leasing (making a team of specialists temporarily available for a project).

Many projects are not extensive enough to require a separate team. Sometimes it happens that a company suddenly loses one of its specialists or simply needs to implement a minor and necessary project in a short time. In such situations, it is worth considering the leasing (renting) a specialist, i.e. a person with specific skills (usually a software developer), who can join your team within a shorter time and at low financial outlays.

Our specialists are ready to work directly for you or your client. We guarantee high-quality service, reliability and the utmost communicativeness. Are you looking for a programmer, project manager or analyst to join your team? Or maybe you are in search of a whole team to carry out your project? Check our technology stack and contact us. As part of the outsourcing service we provide:

  • direct cooperation with specialists

  • work time reporting and full transparency of activities

  • cost optimization

  • a guarantee of high-quality code and management

Outsourcing provides a complete IT service and guarantees IT security for your company.

When is it worth opting for IT outsourcing?

when the company does not have its own programming department - setting up such a department constitutes both an administrative and HR challenge, involving huge financial outlays;

when the available team of specialists is not sufficient - and you need to increase the technical competence of your team for the implementation of a specific project;

when the project must be launched fast and requires many different technologies;

when a project by definition is short-term - administrative and HR costs are comparatively higher in short-term projects - it is better to leave them to the supplier;

when you are running a start-up - then probably one of the aforementioned points applies to you.

Advantages of Advantages of


IT Outsourcing provides the most flexibility in acquiring competencies for IT projects, being both time and cost-efficient. This method allows you to select the best specialists for your project - not only in terms of technical expertise but also in terms of soft skills and personality. All these factors have a measurable impact on the high quality of the final product.

Skilful team building is vital for the success of a project - a properly selected team gives you a guarantee of motivation and efficiency throughout the work. By relying on outsourced specialists, you do not have to expand the number of employees in your company, have total control over the duration of a given project and, consequently, expenditures. Cost transparency, i.e. a transparent settlement model that ensures predictability of expenses, is a guarantee of cost reduction.

Outsourcing of employees is highly cost-effective, as it also allows optimisation of business processes while minimising the risk of employing unsuitable programmers, and thus the threat of increased costs and project delays.

Outsourcing allows you to effectively manage your budget and team size, reduces operational risk, cuts costs of recruitment, HR and personnel services and effectively solves problems resulting from staff turnover.

Considering all of the aforementioned advantages of outsourcing cooperation, it can be said in short the greatest benefits of outsourcing are saving time, money and minimising risk.

Are you planning to implement an interesting project and need to supplement your team with IT specialists for the time of its implementation? Take advantage of our assistance! Thanks to our professional approach, we can quickly and effectively provide you with experienced professionals.

How may we help you?

  • We will ensure the outsourcing of top-class IT specialists with various competencies.
  • We will supplement your team with an expert or set of IT specialists from our proven team.
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