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Web application development is just one of the many services in the rich portfolio we offer. It is worth explaining what it is and how such a solution can help your business.

What are web What are web



Web applications (interchangeably called web apps) are nothing more than browser-based systems. Compared to a mobile application, they do not require installation on the user's phone or computer. In contrast to a website, which always provides information and usually serves as a virtual business card, a web application is interactive and extends the functionality of the website.

In a nutshell, a web application is a tool operating online from the level of a web browser and used to perform specific tasks. When the user takes a particular action, the application immediately connects to the server, providing a response in the form of a defined message or activity. Web applications are used for purposes such as audio-visual communication, sales, payments, reservations or customer relationship management.

Examples of Examples of

web applications

  • advertisement portals
  • marketplaces and trading platforms
  • e-learning platforms (e.g. higher education platforms)
  • streaming platforms
  • gambling portals
  • travel and booking portals
  • business and thematic portals
  • comparison sites
  • fintech platforms
Advantages of Advantages of
web applications

for users

  • accessibility - from anywhere we have Internet connection and on any device we have at our disposal (computer, tablet or smartphone);

  • no need to install on the device, so again - convenience;

  • no need for updating (the system administrator is responsible for updating);

  • if properly planned, they are easy to use

  • guarantee a high level of security and system stability (data security);

  • work smoothly on any browser
Advantages of Advantages of
web applications

for business

  • they facilitate company and employee management owing to the possibility of integration with other systems and tools;

  • they improve work organisation within the company by streamlining the information and documentation flow;

  • they support production, sales and delivery of goods;

  • they enable efficient communication with the customer;

  • they improve marketing processes;

  • they increase competitiveness of the business.

All these factors have a tangible influence on the development of your business.

Technology used Technology used
to develop

web applications

There are many technologies available on the market useful in creating web applications. Choosing the appropriate one is crucial. Our software house focuses on PHP and Python programming languages.

PHP is one of the best known open-source scripting programming languages, which operates on the server system. It has many frameworks (ready-made schemes for application development) such as collections of tools, libraries and scripts, which streamline the programmer's work in basic aspects. PHP frameworks provide a basic structure that speeds up and streamlines the process of creating web applications. Our specialists are well versed in Laravel as well as Symfony. We also have experience with CodeIgniter.


Advantages of php for programming

open-source solution, PHP is an open-source web language, therefore, it is completely free;

extremely flexible, you are able to implement changes during development and after the project is launched;

high stability and speed, PHP is known as one of the fastest languages for web development;

security, thanks to built-in safeguards protecting applications from typical threats;

performance and scalability, the scalability of the web server combined with the flexibility of the PHP engine offers a powerful and versatile platform for implementing both more and less complex systems;;

support of the community using the language;

platform independence, PHP-based applications can operate on any operating system, such as Linux, Mac and Windows..

Python, along with PHP, is one of the most popular programming languages, with an extensive collection of standard libraries. It is an object-oriented, high-level and dynamic, general-purpose language. Python interpreters are available for many systems, thus making it a cross-platform language.

Advantages of python for programming:



versatility and cross-platform compatibility,

low entry threshold,

clear syntax,

large internet community,

rich standard library,

a wide range of available modules

We create dedicated and tailored to your business needs products. Let's talk about your ideas and expectations. We will choose the most suitable technological solutions for you and your business! Benefit from our experience and thus increase the competitiveness of your offer.
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