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DevOps is a term created by combining two words: development and operations. Its premise is to combine two, usually separate areas of activity of the software development team (Dev) with the operations team (Ops). Such methodology emphasises efficient communication and mutual involvement of both divisions to improve both the processes of creation and the quality of the created product, which translates into the satisfaction of the final recipient.

DevOps is designed to facilitate the breaking down of barriers, motivate collaboration and innovation throughout the software development process. All these activities are connected with educating IT department employees that working together and following the same rules makes it possible to achieve the intended objectives in an easy, quicker, less risky and, thus, more effective way.


The goal of DevOps is to create an efficient solution delivery process. With DevOps, we achieve:

  • increased efficiency and productivity of the team
  • transparency of work and guarantee of complete control over the project
  • improvement of the product delivery process at all stages of development
  • shortening the time of delivering fixes to production environments (bug fixing)
  • increase in the quality of the delivered software

Given that the DevOps methodology also aims to ensure the fastest possible response to changes and hence meet the customer's business needs, we can list the most desirable practices followed within this approach:

  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous implementation of change and innovation (CD)
  • Testing automation
  • Development of infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Configuration management from the repository (GitOps)
  • Monitoring

The aforementioned practices, most often, employ tools that either support or allow complete automation of these processes, which include:

  • Git - software configuration management (SCM)
  • Docker - containerization
  • Jenkins - CI/CD process management tool
  • Gradle/Make - automated builds
  • Kubernetes – orchestration
  • EasyMock/Mocha - software testing
  • Terraform/Ansible - IaC tool
  • ELK - logging and application event management
  • Grafana/Promehteus – Monitoring
We offer high-quality programming services, we follow the latest trends and practices, using the latest and most appropriate programming technologies. We are also responsible for sharing our experience and support with developers and quality control specialists in our company.
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