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PHP is a scripting programming language, working on the server and usually embedded in HTML code. We most often associate its use with generating code for web pages using responses from databases, queried with commands that are an integral part of PHP. Moreover, this language is an element of the AMP platform, heavily used by websites, i.e. a platform designed to maximise user access to the properly selected content.

PHP is used by web developers to build dynamic websites, especially shops and social networks. Furthermore, in combination with databases, it gives programmers enormous potential for creating dynamic web applications. PHP is equipped with auxiliary design mechanisms, such as sessions, which are commonly used on major websites.

Basic features of PHP

  • scripting language - does not require any compilation before code execution;
  • availability of global variables - using the word „global”;
  • object-orientation (added in version 4.0, refined in 5.0).
Advantages of Advantages of


  • free availability, i.e. cost savings

  • easy-to-use and efficient open-source programming

  • high stability and speed

  • security, due to built-in safeguards that protect applications against common threats

  • performance, manifested by high results when working with different types of available servers

  • low memory requirements, i.e. efficiency while scaling

  • high popularity, and thus the support of the community using the language
PHP has numerous frameworks (ready-made schemes), that is, collections of tools, libraries, and scripts that streamline the programmer's work in core complications. PHP frameworks provide a basic structure that speeds up and streamlines the process of developing web applications. The most popular are the Laravel and Symfony.

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework that combines all the best PHP practices. It is relatively young (introduced to the market in 2011 by Taylor Otwell), but thanks to its ease of use and programmer-friendly structure, it has gained high popularity. Laravel is an open source framework, all of which is available on Github, so anyone can use it freely. It provides a wide range of tools to simplify the programming process and support the implementation and maintenance of the application. It handles processes such as caching, authentication, and routing. Moreover, it is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern. Laravel was used to build such web applications as: Startups, Bonappetour, Laracasts and Fox47.

Symfony, like Laravel, it relies on the MVC design pattern. It is one of the fastest PHP frameworks, so it is used to create applications where performance matters. From the point of view of web applications, it is compatible with all standards and patterns of their construction. Symfony as a framework adapts to the needs of the programmer, and thanks to the addition of dependency injection and the Event Dispatcher component, it becomes configurable. In addition, it can be used as a micro-frame to implement specific functionality in a large project. It uses a technology called scaffolding to operate its databases. Symfony has been used to create sites such as Spotify, BlaBlaCar and DocPlanner.

We offer high-quality programming services, we follow the latest trends and practices, using the latest and most appropriate programming technologies. We are also responsible for sharing our experience and support with developers and quality control specialists in our company.
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