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React.js - a JavaScript library used to create user interfaces for various types of applications. It is available on an open-source code basis to a general audience. Thus, React.js provides the possibility of creating a highly complex interface, which includes small, separate elements. React.js was created by Jordan Walke - an employee of Facebook, motivated by the idea of simplifying the overall process of creating an interface and providing users with a more comfortable use of the application.

The React library utilises an innovative method of rendering web pages, which makes them more dynamic. It is convenient for both the programmer (its creator) and the final recipient of the application, i.e. its user.

React.js enables the process of debugging any changes that occur to the interface in real time, which in turn makes it easier to work with objects. This is due to the use of the virtual domain Virtual DOM, where all changes are constantly updated.

React is best suited for advanced user interfaces that do not require SEO positioning. Where the application logic is challenging enough, user actions are custom and advanced. There are both serverless and static hosted solutions, significantly increasing the scalability of the front end of such an application.

React.js React.js

Based solutions

  • configurators applications, where the interface is no different from applications installed independently on windows years ago, e.g. excel online or word online

  • shop-applications, shop-applications-content

  • dashboards and data visualizations

  • administration panels

  • Realtime applications, using socket.io and continuous communication with the server and interface updates
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