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React Native

React Native is a framework originally developed for Facebook, which now allows developers to create cross-platform applications. It utilises a set of internal APIs for its development, using ready-made Android and iOS interface elements instead of creating its own. This ensures that apps work equally well on both platforms while maintaining the original, native look & feel of their systems. With JavaScript and its vast tool base (unavailable in other technologies), we can create applications that are user-friendly and extremely efficient at the same time.

The undisputed advantage of creating applications in React Native is the existence of a single code for multiple platforms, which allows us to go beyond iOS and Android. We only need one team of developers who rely on the stable React framework. We save time and money.

Creating iOS and Android applications using the same code is not the only advantage of our preferred solution. The specificity of React Native makes it easier to share code with web applications (written in React), allowing to reuse of even several dozen per cent of code.

Another advantage is the support resulting from the possibility of using the so-called hot reloading, allowing a much faster and easier way than in traditional single-platform applications to test all modifications and corrections by the developer. Numerous and frequent updates to the React Native software open up access to the latest and most fitting solutions on the market. Both factors contribute to faster development, meaning the more intensive and efficient design of the best solutions.

React Native is used by brands such as Facebook (its creator), Instagram, Skype or KFC.

We offer high-quality programming services, we follow the latest trends and practices, using the latest and most appropriate programming technologies. We are also responsible for sharing our experience and support with developers and quality control specialists in our company.
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