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What are web applications? Recently, this term was unknown to many people and many had no idea what web applications architectures look like in practice. Web applications are effects of the development of the Internet technology in the last two decades. Nowadays, most people have easy access web thanks to the use of their smartphones and this is the fact that causes web applications development. Web dedicated applications become more and more popular among companies and individual customers. This is the reason we are here to provide you best web applications architectures.

So what are web applications? The word „application” is often associated with apps installed on smartphones or tablets or with computer applications. However not many people know that there is a creation called web applications and they can’t define how web applications architectures look like. Can you see the difference between mobile app and web application that you can find by opening the browser? Well, in the easiest explanation the web application is an application launched in the browser, which through the interface provides some specific service for the user.

The vast majority of web applications communicate with the main server to be able to give the user content and respond to his actions. Access to the Internet in this case is indispensable, although there are also web applications that can successfully handle and temporarily work offline or (but less often) do not require an internet connection at all. It can be achieved due to the fact that they store all data in the browser’s memory. In general, progressive web applications and dedicated applications are the future of the web applications development.

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web apps?

Still, you might ask yourself, why you should invest in the web applications?
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online stores ecommerce codema software house programmins services
web applications codema software house

Are you still wondering why you should invest in the web applications or dedicated applications?

The biggest advantage and benefit that results from the use of web applications or dedicated applications is the huge functionality and usability of the website. Presence of dedicated web applications makes the website more attractive and prestige. Web applications have an influence of users’ sense of trust and also they make using website easier. Progressive web apps provide convenience for the user.

Let’s imagine the website of any hotel that would not be a web application but just a simple information site. The lack of dedicated web application would make the booking process harder and also significantly increase the time needed to complete this process. In this situation, the web application have to be replaced by the reservation making via email or phone.

The lack of dedicated application is troublesome for both – the Internet user interested in using the services and for the hotel employees. The employee has to be involved in customer service for even a simplest operation that could be realised by dedicated application. In the case of web applications, this process will be easier, faster and not requires of employee service.

Now, you know what are web applications and can compare funcionality of dedicated applications and casual web sites. Web applications are useful tools and the convinient web applications architectures encourage to use them.

Thanks to the web app, the only thing the customer has to do is to click a few buttons, enter some information, approve it and the task will be done. Dedicated application allows to prepare individualized web applications architectures.

Complicating and extending time for simple processes like booking often ends in giving up and looking for another easier and more efficient website. Therefore, investing in an dedicated web applications means increasing the chance of attracting customers and generating profit.

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I am surely more than satisfied with co-operation. Very high level of knowledge, great creativity skills and lots of patience. They are professionals.

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Lots of projects done with those guys. A few years of co-operation strengthens my conviction, that I made right choice to work with them. I highly recommend Codema services.

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Colivia / Anybee

I highly recommend Codema services.

There is no doubt that Codema Software House can get Your business higher. Great quality of code, project delivered on time, very nice support and tasty coffee 🙂 Big recommendation for them.

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Top co-op 🙂

Great teamwork and skills. Very good communication and clever solutions. I am very happy to work with Codema and I can recommend these guys for sure!

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