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Our e-commerce solutions are much more than just a product portfolio, they are primarily fast purchasing processes.

  • we develop shopping applications: web and mobile,
  • we implement secure online payments,
  • we create and implement solutions that increase the level of personal data security,
  • we speed up order processing and minimize errors,
  • we build chatbots – software for marketing, sales and customer service, using AI and ML, which can simulate a conversation (chat) with a user in his or her natural language,
  • we automate order fulfillment,
  • we increase the efficiency of sales employees,
  • we increase the scalability and efficiency of e-commerce platforms.


We understand how important financial management is. That’s why we develop and deliver financial tools tailored to your needs.

  • we create and implement web and mobile applications,
  • we ensure high data security
  • we create a blockchain to maintain a common and collective accounting book of transactions in a digital form,
  • we develop custom APIs,
  • we create solutions for analyzing financial data,
  • we design intelligent software to detect financial fraud,
  • we offer support for internal and external systems that facilitate work and customer service,
  • we automate processes,
  • we carry out software refactoring.


We accelerate and facilitate processes related to continuous development and security of databases.

  • we create comprehensive CRM systems,
  • we care about data security,
  • we implement dedicated web applications and mobile applications (Android and iOS) for e-medicine,
  • we implement analytical and reporting tools,
  • we implement patient service systems,
  • we create high-quality mobile and web applications for communication with health care facilities.

Public procurement

We take on bold challenges and understand how important punctuality and proper implementation are.

  • we create and implement web and mobile applications,
  • we care about data security,
  • we develop software,
  • we integrate existing systems while ensuring maximum security and high efficiency,
  • we modernize and systematize the operation of IT systems,
  • we eliminate problems related to system performance,
  • we support and maintain updated software.

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