Client is a company offering a global network of coworking spaces, conference rooms and virtual offices. It has over 1,000 jobs in 421 cities in 82 countries.


The challenge we faced as a team of developers was to create the Anybee web application from scratch, in line with the client’s requirements and expectations. The application should allow you to easily and quickly search, select and book office space and coworking spaces around the world.

To meet these requirements, we had to develop an appropriate application architecture design, select appropriate tools and technologies, as well as ensure appropriate code quality and verification of the entire code. It was also necessary to maintain constant communication with the client to ensure that we were developing the application in line with their expectations and requirements.


The most important elements that we have implemented are:

  • search engine with filters to help you find the right office space
  • search results with location on the map
  • integration with the Stripe payment operator along with the subscription module,
  • automated invoicing
  • automated commission collection on completed payments
  • generating reports on reservations and their history
  • administration panel for Anybee partners enabling adding and managing a shared coworking space – availability, prices, amenities and booking.


As a result of the actions taken, we managed to achieve the following goals:

  • strengthen the sales process thanks to an efficient search engine and quick location of office space
  • facilitate the purchasing and booking process
  • facilitate the payment process
  • optimize the process of adding and managing a coworking space
  • automate processes related to invoicing and collecting commission for the service.


The application was built based on the PHP language and the Laravel framework. Thanks to the use of these technologies, it was possible to create a reservation system that works quickly and efficiently, is easy to use and ensures the security of user data.



PHP is a scripting programming language that runs on the server side and is most often embedded in HTML code.



Laravel is a modern web application development framework, written in PHP and released under the MIT license.


We are satisfied with the efficient and quick service provided to us by Codema Software House. The guys not only demonstrated the perfect selection of technology and a professional approach to the project, but also throughout the entire period of cooperation and after it, they treated us as members of the team and answered every question, even the most absurd, with angelic patience.

Marta Telenda
Product Owner AnyBee



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