The EasySend client is a licensed, international payment service, authorized by the FCA


Easysend is a licensed international payment institution authorized by the FCA.

  • The company holds favorable opinions of thousands of clients and works with many suppliers
  • It services over 40 different international transfer routes, making money transfer and currency exchange easier than ever
  • Trusted by over 35 000 loyal users all over the globe
  • Reaching 800 million money transfers a year.


Our Client, working in the fintech field, reached out to us seeking help boosting the functionality of their app. After analyzing the problem we decided that to reach that goal, we would have to provide them with software refactoring. We gave this task to our experienced team, which included programmers, testers and a project manager.


Graphic facelift

We carried out a graphic facelift of the existing website, customer panel and mobile application. The above work resulted from the need to adapt the application to the client’s marketing campaign. The new graphic version of the application clearly contributed to greater interest and activity of Easysend users.


The team delegated to the project had to also implement a Cashflow tool (it is designed for easier display of management stats, complex data regarding partners and the profitability levels of transactions), which is a fundamental reporting instrument for a client.


In the next iterations of the project, our team implemented a new tool – a scorecard dedicated for the app users, designed to allow a more precise description of their offer to their clients.

New transaction type

Additionally, in order to broaden the number of options available to the app user, we implemented a new transaction type – Super Fast Extended Night which allows for immediate money transfer after 6 PM.

Mobile application

Based on the project presented to us by the client, we developed a dedicated mobile app, built on the React Native technology. Our team used the prototypes provided by the client which were thoroughly analyzed, and proposed alternative UX/UI solutions suited to the business requirements of the project. We provide the maintenance and future updates to systems, including mobile applications based on Android or iOS. In order to suit the client’s needs, we provided them with technical support outside of our regular office work hours.


We offer a selection of services and are ready to tackle demanding projects.

EasySend is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an express international money transfer platform. To use it, you simply need to install the dedicated mobile app. EasySend allows its users to send money to a selected receiver and exchange currency in a simple, hassle-free way, while maintaining high data security backed by a two-step verification technology. It also provides its user with SMS notifications.

Codema brings the top level of professionalism, which is proven by the high opinion and positive reviews received from our Clients.

Robert Lewandowski
Easysend CEO



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