We design, implement and support

Our work will help you at every stage of product creation, from the idea to the last touches.

What we do

We implement a code refactoring service. We design dedicated IT systems, internet and mobile applications, ERP, CRM and CMS systems. We also deal with IT outsourcing.


Software refactoring

We maintain, expand and modernize.

You get:

  • updated code to the latest version – no technical debt,
  • improved code quality and readability,
  • tailored software to the new environment,
  • greater system security.


Our employees are waiting to work directly for you or your client.

You gain:

  • access to certified specialists,
  • guarantee of high-quality code and management,
  • reliability of work and the highest level of communication skills,
  • continuous monitoring of IT infrastructure,
  • working time reporting and full transparency and activities,
  • diversification of services with the possibility of their individual selection.

Web applications

We will create a web application of any type and complexity for you.

You gain:

  • efficient and interactive application,
  • tailored functionality,
  • well-thought-out and clear interface,
  • responsiveness,
  • data safety.

Mobile applications

We will build an application for you that supports your business, e.g. increasing customer loyalty.

You get:

  • a tool for communicating with customers,
  • a chance to acquire new recipients,
  • customer engagement,
  • the product is clear and intuitive to use,
  • fast and smooth operation.


We will help you improve your company’s sales processes and strengthen communication with customers.

Thanks to this you will:

  • optimize documentation management,
  • improve the records of the company’s fixed assets,
  • gain full control of settlements with customers,
  • exchange correspondence smoothly,
  • gain fully controlled access to the electronic file database,
  • organize sales activities and related documents.

Quality assurance

We ensure that your software will be not only free from errors but also optimized for performance and ease of use.

You receive:

  • system performance optimization,
  • cost reduction through early detection and repair of errors,
  • minimization of risk associated with the deployment of new software,
  • compliance with standards.

Sales platforms

We will help you choose a platform and tailor it to your needs.

You get:

  • platform with a clear interface and simple operation,
  • tailored functionality,
  • possibility of integration with other systems,
  • easy to expand,
  • a tailor-made product.

UX/UI design

We design products tailored to your needs in terms of functionality and visuals.

You get:

  • proven design process,
  • verification of individual stages,
  • interactive mockups,
  • interesting graphic design,
  • recipients satisfaction,
  • tested user interface.

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